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Locks and keys go together; they always have! Man has been using this lock and key combination for thousands of years as working locks have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and they are mentioned in Sumerian clay tablets. In the modern world, a new technology has made an appearance; keyless entry systems! Now you can open locks with NO keys at all. Keyless entry has become invaluable in both auto and commercial applications not only here in Atlanta, GA but everywhere else in the world where locks are used. Even residential locks have now adapted to keyless technology and homes, condos and time shares now boast keypads, card entry and even badge readers to make life better secured and convenient.

Automotive keyless entry

Usually when some says “keyless entry systems” people think of cars. This amazing technology has been used in the automotive industry for some time and it is almost standard with some brands especially in the higher price brackets. Keyless entry systems can also include keyless remotes so that the operator can now start, unlock, lock and open his car without even being near it. Some buyer prefer to not have it or use it while others can’t live without it so pretty much keyless entry for cars is a matter of preference. Here at Atlanta Fast Locksmith our automotive lock professionals are highly adept at repairing, maintaining, installing and servicing keyless entry no matter what make or model of car, truck or SUV you drive. You are not limited to our expertise as many Atlanta, GA lock shops offer experienced and skilled keyless entry service on a 24-hour basis and at amazingly affordable rates.

Keyless entry at home

Keyless entry for residential use is rapidly gaining popularity with both builders and home buyers. The act if simply entering a number sequence or swiping a card to gain entry is very appealing as no more cumbersome keys are needed. Imagine going for a walk around the neighborhood with your special someone and not having to lug around a noisy and bulky key chain. With no keys to bother with, there are less incidents of lost keys, broken off keys, copied keys and even stolen keys. Keyless entry is both convenient and secure. Don’t worry; no one is going to stand outside your front door and try number sequence after number sequence until they hit the jackpot! Just like auto keyless entry, the system locks up if the right sequence is not used right away. In some cases, security or the police are automatically called.

With residential keyless entry you don’t have to hide that spare key in the flowerpot or under the door mat anymore. You can also program the lock to accept different key codes for every member of your household so that you always know who came and went and at what time.

When you lose an actual key, you are not only inconvenienced, but your home security is compromised. After all, you don’t know who found your key and what they will do with it! Maybe they know where you live and maybe they don’t, but you can never be sure that a dishonest person didn’t see you drop your key ring and follow you home. With keyless entry, you don’t have to worry about lost keys as your key code or number sequence is in your head!

Keyless entry for business

One of the biggest strides in keyless entry advancement is in the business field. More and more Atlanta, GA commercial operations are using keyless entry to enhance security and streamline operations among staff, customers, contractors and vendors. Using key codes, swipe cards, badges and number sequences allows for better tracking of building access as well as smaller, more specialized locals like cash registers, vaults, offices, lockers, mail rooms, storage facilities, warehouses and even service fleets.

You can find keyless entry systems used in hotels, apartment rentals, museums, hospitals, schools, office parks, retail stores, jewelry shops, laundromats, restaurants, medical clinics, condo associations, high rise residences, government offices, banks, retirement homes, home builders, assisted living facilities, convenience stores and hundreds more!

Keyless entry can be used as a form of access control. Number sequences and key cards can be assigned to key employees and authorized staff members and fraud or misuse can be cut down and almost eliminated by adding CCTV cameras to verify identification so that users are not swapping cards or codes for fraudulent use.

More benefits

If keys are lost, broken or worn, new ones need to be made. With keyless entry, you can simply re-assign the code or change it to fit your needs. Instead of cumbersome key chains to mess with, your “keys” can instead be a thin plastic card or simply a series of letters or numbers.

Advanced forms of Atlanta, GA keyless entry can even include biometric entry systems that work off of fingerprint lock technology. Retina scanners for more high-tech and specialized use are also extensively used in some local applications. As technology advances, expect more and more uses for keyless entry as well as additional forms of it.

Find out more

Can keyless entry add enhanced security and benefits to your life? It just might! Atlanta Fast Locksmith encourages you to find out more. You are always welcome to phone our shop and speak to our full service locksmith staff. They are helpful, knowledgeable and well versed in all of the latest keyless entry methods and technologies. Other local lock and key shops offer keyless entry services, too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to get additional details on keyless entry for your Atlanta home, auto or business. Many local locksmiths offer free consultations, free price quotes and professional services that can include all forms of keyless entry available to date.

Keyless remotes and keyless entry are established and emerging technologies that offer enhanced convenience and security for your work, driving and living conditions.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

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Atlanta, Georgia locals appreciate safety and convenience – that is why they live in this great city. Those who own residential or commercial properties, or even a vehicle, should look into the solutions offered by Atlanta Fast Locksmith. Services we can be hired for vary from lockout assistance 24/7 and lock replacement to key duplication and rekeying locks. 

No matter what you are looking for as it relates to locks and keys, trust that we are the absolute best in Atlanta, GA for quality solutions and affordable prices. Dial (678) 255-8555 so we can send someone to help you. Atlanta Fast Locksmith wants to make sure that if you are in the area, your property is protected. Call our team: (678) 255-8555

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More Consumers Are Keeping Up With Technology by Installing Electric Home Locks

Electric Locks provide a faster and more convenient way to unlock and open a door. Many consumers are opting for this new technology for both convenience and safety. 

Consumers don’t mind paying convenience. Perhaps this is why so many are choosing to have more high-security locks installed, such as, electric locks. Gallup reported that approximately one year ago, property crimes in the United States decreased by 7.5 percent from the previous year. This decline is due, in part, to the increase in the number of electric locks being used by homeowners today.  
Two of the most widely used residential electric locks installed by Atlanta Fast Locksmith are the push-button lock and the wireless lock. Without the need for a key, a push-button lock requires that the exact code be entered into the keypad. Upon entering the correct code, an electronic signal is sent to the lock, which allows it to open. This type of lock is designed with magnets or internal motors that engage the lock feature. It is a popular choice for consumers because it is easily programmable. Whenever you need to prevent someone with the current code from gaining access, you can quickly change the code on the push-button lock. 

Wireless locks are just as popular as the push-button lock since no key is required. It is a battery-powered mechanism that uses Bluetooth technology. This type of lock requires a key fob in order to disengage the lock. Once the key fob is programmed with the specific lock, it only requires the user to wave it in front of the lock in order for it to open. Wireless locks were once only used in commercial establishments but with recent advances in technology it is just as practical for home use 

Wes Anderson of Atlanta Fast Locksmith says, “Even though most consumers are aware of the higher price tag of electric locks, they do not seem to mind, as the advantage of having such a lock gives them a greater sense of security.” “Consumers receive value for their money,” Anderson continues. Many locksmith services are seeing an increase in requests for electric locks. Atlanta Fast Locksmith helps consumers by explaining the many options that are now available to them. With over 25 years of service
experience, can assist with any lock or key emergency, rekey locks, provide lockout assistance, and install high-security locks and more. Their services are offered 24-hours a day.

Friday, 27 January 2017


Long before an emergency arises, track down a reliable locksmith. Find a dependable locksmith in your area before you ever need one. Do you have a desire to augment your home security, or to enhance the security of your business? Perhaps you want to upgrade your regular locks to deadbolts, install bump-proof locks, or install a keypad. Do you need to change out your locks? Maybe you’d like to heighten your security with an intercom system, an anchored safe, video surveillance, or a smart key system. Whatever you may be seeking, do your research, so you’ll avoid getting scammed or overcharged.
Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues for a recommendation. Word of mouth from a satisfied customer is always your best source of information.

Choose a locksmith that’s local. Call directory assistance, check the telephone book, and search the Internet. If you see a locksmith’s street address, be sure to verify that the address given really belongs to that locksmith company. Sometimes, a disreputable company will claim to be local when it’s actually not. Use the Web to match each phone number to its street address. Beware if someone answers the phone with a generic salutation ~ such as “locksmith services” ~ instead of the company name. Ask for the legal name of the business, and if the person hems and haws, cross that locksmith off the list.

Be sure to ask the right questions. Some wholly legitimate locksmith companies may not include a street address because they operate a mobile business, which dispatches a professional locksmith who is local to each customer. Accordingly, if you contact a locksmith without an address listed, find out why there’s no address given.

For future reference, write down the name of the potential good locksmith companies you find, each with its address and telephone number. Keep track of the ones that specialize in the specific locksmith services you need.

You can consult the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have ever been filed regarding a particular company. Also, you can check with your state’s attorney general’s office as well as your local consumer protection agency.

Confirm the locksmith’s credentials. When your locksmith arrives, ask for a business card, locksmith license number, and identification. Make sure the invoice includes the company name, and verify that the locksmith’s vehicle displays the same name as the business card and the invoice. For security purposes, your locksmith must also ask for your identification, too. A legitimate locksmith will authenticate your identity, and make sure that you’re the actual property owner ~ whether of your home, business, or automobile ~ before carrying out any job.

Make sure your locksmith is thoroughly background-checked, suitably bonded, properly insured, officially certified, and fully licensed. Moreover, depending upon the locksmith service, the work done should be backed by a warranty. If the worst happens, and, heaven forbid, your property is damaged during the course of a service call, or if the locksmith does faulty work, the locksmith must be insured to cover such a loss.

If you ever are locked out, be doubtful of any locksmith’s claim that drilling or replacing the lock is necessary. An experienced locksmith professional will bring the right tools, and will know that such drastic notions would be overkill. The fact is, an accomplished locksmith can unlock just about anything.

If you’re locked out of your car, then if you’re a member of a roadside assistance organization, call them first. A roadside assistance company maintains its own list of pre-approved subcontractors that regularly perform standard services, such as unlocking your vehicle, giving your battery a jump, and so on, so if you’ve used your service before, then you already know you can rely upon them to do what you need. Otherwise, call a locksmith company specializing in automotive lockouts and other automotive challenges such as servicing your ignition cylinder, replacing car keys, programming your transponder key, and more.

Request a formal quote ahead of time. No matter what the job is ~ emergency or routine ~ before any work begins, get a written estimate that shows the total cost including all labor, parts, and fees, if any. If you’re locked out ~ of your home, your business, or your car ~ a professional locksmith will certainly give you a ballpark estimate on the phone. So ask about possible additional charges. There might be a minimum fee; an extra charge for responding after hours; a mileage charge; and so forth. If the price the locksmith gives you upon arrival doesn’t agree with what you were told over the telephone, then say thanks but no thanks.

Once you’ve located a reputable locksmith, and you have a positive experience, keep that company’s information on hand for your future reference ~ on the fridge, in your wallet, and on the bulletin board at work. You always want to be able to get out of a jam quickly if any problems come up having to do with locks and keys. Whether you require a locksmith for a one-time problem, or you need an expert you can count on who will work for you on an ongoing basis, of course you’ll want that individual to be absolutely trustworthy. Whether it’s a locksmith service for your place of residence, your place of business, or your vehicle, you definitely don’t want to grant access to just anybody when it comes to resolving issues with keys and locks.

If you’re not in a crisis right this minute with keys and locks, now’s the time to find a top locksmith! An exceptional locksmith will offer you a FREE consultation, so it’s a good idea to request one. Bring all your questions to a locksmith who’s a consummate professional. If you’re situated anywhere in Atlanta, Georgia, then you’ll be glad to know that 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, the mobile locksmith technicians on staff at Atlanta Fast Locksmith are perpetually prepared to carry out residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency services.